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DBX 160A Mono kompressori/limitteri overeasy ja hard-knee kompressointi.

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DBX 160A Mono kompressori/limitteri over,
DBX tno: 309835

160A Mono kompressori/limitteri overeasy ja hard-knee kompressointi.

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160AD Mono kompressori/limitteri overeasy ja hard-knee kompressointi

Since its introduction in the mid 1970's, the dbx 160 series has been the world's most popular line of audio compressors.
After the classic 160 (which is still used daily in many world class studios), came the 165, the 160X and the 160XT. The 160X/XT were the models that truly became the industry standard.
eople alike.

The dbx® 160AD is a legendary dbx® 160 family of compressor/limiters.
The same classic sound, easy set-up and no compromise metering is now married to an improved signal path and stronger chassis design. The result is industry standard compressor/limiter which is digital-ready and road tough.

Featuring switch-selectable OverEasy® and Hard Knee compression curves along with extremely wide-ranging threshold, ratio and output controls, the dbx 160AD is up to any task.
True RMS level detection provides the most natural-sounding dynamics processing available, from subtle compression to "brick wall" peak limiting.
Choose low ratios and OverEasy® compression to transparently smooth out fluctuating vocal and instrumental levels.
Or use the 160AD's Hard Knee compression and high ratios (up to and beyond :1 and over 60 dB gain reduction) for bombproof protection against overload distortion in digital recording, P.A. systems and broadcast signals.
The 160AD is fully compatible with +4/-10 dB and balanced/ unbalanced systems, and its electronically balanced output stage is an outstanding line driver for long cable runs (an output transformer is optional).
The 19-segment, switchable input/ output LED metering can be easily calibrated to any operating level.
12-segment gain reduction LEDs provide precise analysis at a glance.

The dbx® 160AD's unique "INFINITY +" inverse-compression mode actually decreases the audio output level below unity gain when the input exceeds threshold, a real lifesaver for correcting overbearing vocal choruses and controlling runaway house mix levels.
A detector input can be used with an equalizer for de-essing sibilant vocals and selectively smoothing out boomy notes on acoustic guitar and bass.
And two 160ADs can be stereo-coupled to process an entire mix or instruments mic'd in stereo, without shifting the left/right image.
Its musical sound, easy operation and unequaled versatility made the original dbx® 160 a world standard. The 160AD follows that tradition, while meeting the challenges of a digital world.

Technical specifications

- OverEasy® or classic hard knee compression with dbx's® ultra-musical program dependent attack and release times
- Compression ratio variable from 1:1 through infinity :1 to negative compression
- Precision dual RMS LED display monitors input or putput and gain reduction over a wide range and calibrates for different operating levels
- Over 60 dB of gain reduction available
- Exclusive Infinity + compression allows negative compression
- Independent balanced and unbalanced outputs can drive 600 loads to +24 dBm simultaneously. New floating balanced output stage drives any load
- Optional output transformer capable
- Strappable with another 160AD for true RMS stereo summing operation


1/4" TRS and XLR, Floating Balanced; XLR: Pin 2 hot Phone: Tip Hot
40 k
Maximum Level:
+24 dBu, Balanced or Unabalanced (Absolute)
>45 dB (any Frequency)
Detector Input:
Connector: 14" TRS phone, Floating Balanced
>200 k
Maximum Level:
+28 dBu, Balanced or Unbalanced
Output: Connector:
XLR, floating balanced; pin 2 hot
30 k
Maximum Level:
(Balanced): +24 dBm; <0.3% THD
Maximum Level:
(Unbalanced): +20 dBm; <0.3% THD
<-90 dBu, Unweighted (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
Frequency Response:
20 Hz -20 kHz, +0,
-0.5 dB; +0, -3 dB 0.5 Hz and 90 kHz
<0.2%, Typical, any amount of compression up to 40 dB @ 1 kHz.


1/4" TRS phone, Unbalanced
20 Ohm
Maximum Level:
+24 dBm


Threshold Range:
-40 dBu to +20 dBu
Threshold Characteristic:
OverEasy® or hard knee
Compression Raito:
Variable 1:1 to :1 thru to -1:1; >60dB maximum compression
Attack Time:
Program dependent; typically 15 ms for 10 dB, 5 ms for 20 dB, 3 ms for 30 dB
Release Time:
Program Dependent; Typically 8 ms for 1 dB, 80 ms for 10 dB, 400 ms for 50 dB; 125 dB/sec rate


Dynamic Range:
>113 dB
Gain Adjustment Range:
Variable from -20 dB to +20 dB
Stereo Coupling:
True RMS Power summing
1/4" TRS phone jack


Power Cord:
IEC-type connector
Operating Voltage:
DO: 90-130 VAC, 50/60 Hz; EU: 200-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature:
0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)


1.75" x 19" x 6.5" (4.45 cm x 48.2 cm x 16.51 cm)
Net/Shipping: 4.452 lbs/6.62 lbs (1.99 kg/2.99 kg)

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DBX 160A Mono kompressori/limitteri overeasy ja hard-knee kompressointi.
DBX 160A Mono kompressori/limitteri overeasy ja hard-knee kompressointi.
DBX 160A Mono kompressori/limitteri overeasy ja hard-knee kompressointi.


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