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DVS ULTIMATE U-MIX 44 interface. Output USB audio interface aikakoodisetti pitää sisällään äänikortin, 2kpl CD sekä 2kpl aikakoodi vinyyleitä.

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Dj-soittolaite, jolla teet tietokoneestasi DJ-aseman

Ole illan kuumin tiskijukka mixvibesin siirrettävän Interfacen avulla!

Voit soittaa musiikkia suoraan tietokoneeltasi USB interfacen avulla.

2 kpl CD-aikakoodilevyjä
2 kpl Vinyyliaikakoodilevyjä
1 kpl MixVibes DVS 7 softa
1 kpl Interface UMIX 44

KATSO alla oleva DJ-softien vertailutaulukko!

PDF-Vertailutaulukko tästä

Mikä Aikakoodi??

Eri järjestelmiä useita, ja kaikkien toimintaperiaate on periaatteessa samanlainen: soittimella (cd tai vinyyli) pyöritetään aikakoodattua levyä.
Tietokoneeseen tämä signaali viedään monikanavaisen äänikortin (jokainen "soitin" vaatii yhden stereo inputin ja yhden stereo outputin) kautta ja koneessa oleva softa tunnistaa signaalin perusteella levyn liikkeen suunnan ja nopeuden. Tämän perusteella softa osaa soittaa tietokoneen sisällä pyöritettävää musiikkia samalla tavalla ja koneelta signaali viedään mikserille ja siitä eteenpäin. MIDIä ei siis tarvita aikakoodien käytössä.

Ohjelmien käyttöliittymissä ja toiminnoissa on erinäisiä eroja, mutta muuten valinnassa on kyse monesti vain mielikuvista. Ammattikäytössä suosituimpia ovat Seraton Scratch Live ja Native Instrumentsin Traktor Scratch PRO sekä Mixvibes softat. Käytännössä kuitenkin kaikki softat ovat tänä päivänä erittäin hyvää tasoa.

The essential software to mix your digital files with CD or vinyl decks in professional conditions.
All you need is a PC to spin your digital music.
Thanks to the timecode CDs, Vinyl records and the U-MIX 44 sound interface, feel the smooth real time reactivity of MixVibes DVS!.

Thanks to the timecoded control CDs or vinyl records, feel the smooth real time reactivity of scratching digital files.
DVS ULTIMATE includes now the new MixVibes' audio interface: U-MIX 44

Installation of the system

Installation of the system

The CD player or turntables are plugged into the U-MIX 44 inputs.
No RIAA Pre amp is recommended, the software do the correction automatically.
The output of your U-MIX 44 will be connected to Channel 1 and 2 of your mixer.
Once everything is set up, the Install Wizard in the DVS ULTIMATE will help you finalize the setup.


Playback modes

- Spinning record could be done with 2 kinds of modes.
- The absolute mode plays your media files just like a normal vinyl record.
- Moving the needle over the vinyl will follow the mp3 songs loaded in your software player.
- The relative mode allows you to loop your vinyl, and move forward and backward the loops with the needle.
- The third mode is All Relative and moving the needle over the vinyl will have no effect on the track position.
- This mode is recommended for fast scratch and to avoid skips.

Control Vinyl record

- MixVibes control vinyl record is designed to be tough and precise.
- It includes a high frequency timecode allowing a better control of the track position and detecting every movement you will do.
- This ultra-accurate timecode record weights 124 g and is one-minute split.
- Switching to DVS software on Master Tempo mode enables you to mix and scratch using the master tempo mode.

Control CD for CD players

- MixVibes’ high definition CD reacts just like a normal CD on a generic CD player.
- Its timecode was especially developed aside the one of our digital vinyl for better performances (definition of less than 3 ms).
- This special timecode provides precise hot cues and very short loops.

Extras included

- A connector cable set is included in the pack for an easy setup.
- Y-RCA is recommended to use to bypass your software and spin your traditional record without unplugging everything.
- The bypass is also managed through the software.
- Keyboard stickers are included to make a software control through your laptop keyboard.

New advanced features of the version 7

MIDI learning

- As every controller has its own configuration, the DVS ULTIMATE is now including a very intuitive MIDI learning.
- It is really easy to map your favourite controller and control the DJ software.
- The version 7 includes pre mapped MIDI files for VCI-100, Hercules DJ Console RMX and MK2, Pioneer CDJ-400, M-Audio X-session and more…

16 patterns sampler

- Samples in a mix enable you to get more interaction with your audience.
- Thanks to the integrated 16 pad sampler, you will send samples, loops or full songs live.
- You can choose among the 500 loops included in the software (FX, R&B, Hip-hop, Scracth,…) or load directly your own samples from the explorer.

14 FX and 7 VST included

- Bring more creativity in your mix thanks to the FX included.
- Flanging, Phasing, Reverb, Echo are some of the 14 FX included.
- These FX can be adjusted in the HOME player or directly from your MIDI controller.
- Up to 6 FX can be affected at the same time.

Included in the pack

- 2 vinyl records
- 2 control CDs
- MixVibes DVS 7 software
- U-MIX 44 audio interface

Minimum Specs

Windows XP
- Pentium III 1Ghz or equivalent
- 1 GB RAM
- Service Pack 2 or higher
- Hard disk space for music

Windows Vista
- Pentium III 1Ghz or equivalent
- 1 GB RAM
- Service Pack 1 or higher
- Hard disk space for music

MixVibes releases its latest solution: DVS ULTIMATE

Paris, May 11th,

MixVibes is glad to announce the launch of its new digital vinyl system “DVS ULTIMATE”.
We are talking about the latest generation of MixVibes’ DJ solutions composed of a new version of MixVibes’ Best-Seller system DVS, enriched with new hot features (DVS 7.4).
With DVS ULTIMATE, digital mixing has never been as stable and as powerful.

Installation of the system

DVS ULTIMATE allows you to mix, scratch and synchronize your digital audio files (MP3s, WAVs, etc…) using the control mode of your choice: time coded vinyl, time coded CD, MIDI DJ controllers or even your mouse & keyboard.

Enjoy the real time vinyl or CD feel for all your control modes thanks to state of the art audio quality.
The 4 Inputs and 4 Outputs of the U-MIX44 have especially been designed for DJs to ensure an intuitive use and an easy set up.

Find all your favorite DJ tools: 3-band EQs, Cues, loops, auto-loops, auto-synchronization and beat match, wave recording, popular audio format


• Now use up to 4 virtual players, of which 2 controlled by turntable/CD player thanks to the U-MIX44 audio interface.

Installation of the system

• Advanced GUI feature: New « Multi-Track » view mode allowing you to display at a glance your tracks alongside albums’ artworks.

Installation of the system

• Multi-WASAPI support allows playing at very low latencies with driver-free audio interfaces.

• Easy set-up of your CDJ400 / CDJ900 / CDJ2000 in native HID mode and increased sound quality (thanks to WASAPI).

Installation of the system

• New optimized MIDI engine for the best MIDI control ever.

• New sampler: BPM synchronization and new Beat-Breaker and Beat-Slicer features.


- Control your music files by moving the control vinyl or CD.
- Play your files just like a normal record in absolute mode or use the relative mode allowing loops etc.

U-MIX44: 4 IN/ 4 OUT audio interface

- The high-end U-MIX44 sound interface has especially been designed for external control of 2 CD or vinyl decks.


Enjoy a Hi-fidelity time code with “endless track” and track browsing.
MixVibes control CDs come with the best time code definition on the market.


Compatible with most popular USB DJ controllers: Over 40 controller presets included (Hercules, Numark etc.).
Also take advantage of the new MIDI-learn feature which allows you to use any controller on the market.


- Numerous adjustable VST effects are included: echo, flanger, phaser, delay, reverb and more.
- To bring your performance to another level, import VST instrument plug-ins of your choice and play them live.


- Spice up your mix by throwing in your samples.
- Easily modify the BPM and volume.
- Use the samples as loops over your mix or try out the beat-slicer and the beat-breaker.

Installation of the system

DVS ULTIMATE embraces ten years of researches to bring you the best of DJ technologies!

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MIXVIBES DVS ULTIMATE U-MIX 44 interface. Output USB audio interface aikakoodisetti pitää sisällään äänikortin, 2kpl CD sekä 2kpl aikakoodi vinyyleitä.
MIXVIBES DVS ULTIMATE U-MIX 44 interface. Output USB audio interface aikakoodisetti pitää sisällään äänikortin, 2kpl CD sekä 2kpl aikakoodi vinyyleitä.
MIXVIBES DVS ULTIMATE U-MIX 44 interface. Output USB audio interface aikakoodisetti pitää sisällään äänikortin, 2kpl CD sekä 2kpl aikakoodi vinyyleitä.
MIXVIBES DVS ULTIMATE U-MIX 44 interface. Output USB audio interface aikakoodisetti pitää sisällään äänikortin, 2kpl CD sekä 2kpl aikakoodi vinyyleitä.
MIXVIBES DVS ULTIMATE U-MIX 44 interface. Output USB audio interface aikakoodisetti pitää sisällään äänikortin, 2kpl CD sekä 2kpl aikakoodi vinyyleitä.


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